The internet has a lot of uses. What do you find your self doing the most while using it? Do you search for how-to videos, scroll through facebook, run a business, or binge-watch your favorite show? 

Here are some of the top reasons people use the internet. 

To Get Information

Remember when you had to get a manual that told you how to do something, remember how much space they took up? There was a manual for everything (there still is, but they are online now too). 

Getting information has become so easy thanks to the internet. Need to fix your car, ask Google. Want to build a cool raised garden, Pinterest has you covered. Want to learn a new skill, browse Youtube’s massive video library, and find every skill out there. 

Regardless of the information you need, you can find it on the internet. 

Social Media

Social media has become huge! Did you know that Facebook is the top searched word on Google? Social media has changed the way we communicate and meet people. 

Do any of these networks look familiar?

Facebook – with over 2.3 billion active monthly users, it’s big. 

Keeping up with friends and family made easy.

Youtube – not far behind at 2 billion active monthly users.

You can watch cat videos all day.

Instagram– just over 1 billion active monthly users here.

Check out cool pictures from all over the world.

There are hundreds of social sites that you can join and create a network. However many you choose to check out, you need the internet

Current buzz

Everyone likes to be in the know. The internet has made keeping up with all the buzz easy. Whether you want to keep up with the news or the latest celebrity gossip, you can do it fast thanks to the internet.


Entertainment has become a lot different in recent years thanks to the internet. There are still plenty of ways to be entertained outside of the internet, but with internet in your home, you can just chill on your couch in your pjs. How cool is that!

Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, CBS, NBS, ABC (there’s a lot more too) or if reading is your thing there are plenty of ebooks services you can use to read from your phone, tablet or computer.

The Wrap Up

We just looked at some of the most common reasons people (like you) use the internet. Do you have a reliable internet service where you can enjoy these common and now everyday things?

Whether you do or don’t, we have you covered. Head here to check out our plans and pricing.